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LinkSgfViewer - Firefox extensions for open links to .sgf files in an overlay div

First public release of LinkSgfViewer..

Download link:  LinkSgfViewer

Link SGF Viewer

Open links to sgf files in an overlay div.
Note on SGF: support only version 4 (FF[4]) and the game of GO (Weiqi, Baduk) (GM[1]).
Work on Firefox 3.6 and 4.0 Beta.

It uses:
- jQuery JavaScript Library v1.5 - - Copyright 2011, John Resig dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses.
- a modified version of jQuery SuperBox! 0.9.1 - Copyright (c) 2009 Pierre Bertet ( - Licensed under the MIT (MIT-LICENSE.txt)
- jQuery.ajax mid - CROSS DOMAIN AJAX - author James Padolsey ( - version 0.11 - updated 12-JAN-10 - info

- support almost all sgf properties (exception: AR - arrows, LN -line, LB - only short labels supported, FG - figure, PM - print move numbers - this feature is handled in the properties of the extension not as SGF property, CA - charset);
- support game collections;
- support children style variations;
- show move numbers (if this option is selected in the preference window);
- show coordinates (if this option is selected in the preference window).

How to use:
- when you need it - start/stop the extension from the Status Bar/Add-on Bar - Firefox 4 Beta;
- always on - if you select Autorun checkbox from the preference window).

How it works:
- at startup Link SGF Viewer scan the web page for links to sgf files (with .sgf extension) and highlight them;
- when user click on highlighted links an overlay div appear where the content of the file will be displayed;
- when it is stopped Link SGF Viewer restores the page to the original state.


LinkSgfViewer is off.

To start click on image on the right of the status bar.

Starting ...

LinkSgfViewer is running and the links to the .sgf files are highlighted.

Now is time to click on a highlighted link ...

LinkSgfViewer showing the board at the begining of the game ...

... after 3 moves ...

... and at the end of the game.

Now, if you want, you can stop the LinkSgfViewer by clicking again on the image from the right of the status bar.



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